Mission Statement

Like any online culture, video game culture can sometimes be a bit unpleasant. Arguments and "debates" can suck the fun out of an activity whose primary purpose is to be enjoyed! Well, for over seven years, we've been providing a peaceful alternative. We started as a community where Nintendo fans could enjoy games without being judged as "filthy casuals." But, around here, we like and accept all video game lovers, regardless of platform preference. We prioritize multi-platform harmony while still maintaining a strong focus on Nintendo.

Don't forget, peaceful and harmonious do not mean boring. A long time ago I coined a phrase that has rung true in this community since the beginning. That phrase is, "it's not about agreeing all the time; it's about understanding that opinions can differ." That's important. Harmony means two or more different things that successfully coexist. So, anyone can say whatever they like on our forums; they just have to say it in a calm and respectful way. We're proud to provide an online gaming community that achieves this balance.

So, while many game journalists write piece after piece trying to give gamers reasons to doubt, distrust, and hate each other, we want to bring gamers together. And while many people who don't play games write about how toxic game culture is, we enjoy providing an example of why those kind of blanket stereotypes are simply not accurate. If any of this sounds like something you're interested in being a part of, why not join the forum or our Discord channel? Introduce yourself, come meet our friendly, welcoming people, and start enjoying games again.