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Mission Statement

You're here? Awesome.
This is what we're about...

1. Provide Sanctuary for Nintendo Gamers

A trendy thing in video game culture has been "playful" and not-so-playful jabs at Nintendo. Everyone has their own justifications for that behavior, but, it shouldn't be tolerated. So, around here, you can enjoy Nintendo systems (or Sony systems, or Microsoft systems, or etc. etc.) and not have to worry about someone questioning your gamerhood for it!

2. Break Down the "Casual"/"Hardcore" Barriers

I think by now, most people familiar with gaming have come to realize that the terms "casual" and "hardcore" don't really have any meaning behind them. Yet, some people still not only use the terms but try to utilize the terms to drive a wedge between gamers. We're all about shattering that notion. Do you like to play video games? Good enough. We welcome you.

3. Welcome the New Audience

Remember back when you used to have to beg girls to play video games? Remember how you used to have to keep your burning passion for Final Fantasy a secret because you thought you'd be ostracized for it?
Guess what... that's all changing. Nintendo has almost always been at the forefront of this shift. They have majorly successed in making gaming part of mainstream global culture several times (NES, SNES, Wii, DS). If you're wondering whether or not Microsoft and Sony are also trying to entice this new audience, you don't have to look much further than the Sony Move and Microsoft Kinect for the answer.

Around here, we embrace that change. We try to change the gamer stereotype from a tightly-knit, paranoid group of elitists to a welcoming, understanding group of people who share a passion.

In closing...

We want to establish a gaming culture, and a blueprint for other gaming cultures, where people respect their fellow gamer, enjoy games, and approach the medium with an objective, open mind.

Not too shabby, right?