Pocket Card Jockey: Official Discussion Thread

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Pocket Card Jockey: Official Discussion Thread

Post by BanjosBackpack » Thu May 26, 2016 2:31 am

I had heard of this game from friends who were enjoying it so I nabbed it without trying the demo. It's so good! With all the new games going on I never thought I'd make time for 'Solitaire' again. However this game is beyond Solitaire. I don't even like actual horse racing but I find this game engaging and tough and fun. You play games of Solitaire to power up your horse. In between games you strategically move around the racetrack to get the best positions and gain the most vigor. After a handful of rounds you have to sprint through the homestretch and hope you're going to make it in first.

There's certainly some luck involved on this game with how the game deals cards and also how some CPU horses act. However mostly I can tell that I am using skill often to succeed. In fact, it's bedtime for me which means fitting in some Pocket Card Jockey before 11pm tonight. Who else is playing this? How are you fairing? Anyone else name the fiery horse 'Rapidash' like I did?


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