Gaming Reinvented and Gaming Latest are holding another Contest!

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Gaming Reinvented and Gaming Latest are holding another Contest!

Post by CM30 » Thu Jul 13, 2017 3:38 pm

Again, it's for video game journalists or people who want to write about games.

But this time there's a bit of a difference. Basically, a forum called Gaming Latest is now involved with the contest. These guys have a points system going for content on the forum and on my Gaming Reinvented site, and are offering tons of points and prizes for whoever writes the best content on Gaming Reinvented this month.

Here's their topic about it if you haven't seen it already:

So what are the rules you may be wondering? Well for those who haven't read the topic, they're as follows:
  • All articles have to be at least 400 words in length
  • They cannot be copied from another website (unless you wrote the original article)
  • A certain amount of level should be put into the article in general (no spam)
That's it really. You'll be judged on what the article is about and how well it's written, with the person who wrote the most interesting article winning the competition.

So give it a go why don't you? It's free, pretty simple to do and could give you the chance of winning games from the eShop, Steam or other such services if you come out on top.

Good luck!

P.S. Yes we do have permission from NinSage to post about it here, just like last time.
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