NinTemple Pokémon League

This is a league for Pokémon fans who want to battle, trade, and interact with others in a way that is a little less "competitive" and a lot more in line with the ideals of the Pokémon fiction. The goal of the rules listed below is to provide the structure for a league that prioritizes enjoying Pokémon as a game with hundreds of choices to create thousands of strategies using creatures that have some special bond or meaning to you! This is as opposed to looking up strats on some guide, based on some meta game, that essentially boils this colorful, organic world down to a tedious version of rock/paper/scissors where battles are over before they begin.

So, let's take a look at the rules and find out if this league is right for you!


  1. Use whatever Pokémon and strategies make you happy. Try not to let "the meta game" dictate your decisions.
  2. This league is designed to be fully functional complete with Gym Leaders and Badges.
  3. You will start your journey as a Pokémon Trainer. If you defeat all the current Gym Leaders and earn each of their badges, you can apply for Gym Leader status if you want to.
  4. The Gym Leaders each have their own mono-type teams and chosen Battle Format (Single, Double, Triple, or Rotation).
  5. In the battle menu, Battle Rules will be set to Normal and Handicap to Off.
  6. All Pokémon, moves, and items are allowed. This is largely possible due to the following, and perhaps most important, rule.
  7. To maintain competitive balance, this league uses a very special rule that you won't find anywhere else. The sum of the base stats of your 6 Pokémon team cannot exceed 2,574. The average base stat total of all current Pokémon is 428. Thus, if you have 6 Pokémon on your team, 6 X 429 = 2,574. This should help give people as much freedom as they want in making their team while establishing some kind of competitive balance. To check the total base stats of any Pokémon you are interested in using, please use this handy list!
  8. If you are going to use any Mega Evolutions on your team, use the base stats of the Mega Evolution to calculate your team's total.
  9. In order to validate your victory in a Gym battle, you must submit the sum of your team's base stats. This allows you to keep your team a secret prior to the battle. If it turns out that your team's base stat sum exceeds 2,574 your victory for that match will be disqualified. Similarly, if you do not submit your team's base stat total in a timely manner (a few days at most) you will be disqualified for that match.
  10. Obviously, you can change your team between battles as much as you like. Just keep track of your different base stat totals to submit them later.
  11. Gym Leader teams are not restricted by this base stat limitation. Gyms should be difficult to defeat. That badge you earn should be proof of a real accomplishment! However, knowing the type you're about to face gives the challenger an advantage that often makes Gym Leaders too easy. So, this rule attempts to somewhat balance the type-advantage everyone has when facing a given gym. Gym Leaders can also alter their team between battles.
  12. Gym battles are best two-out-of-three matches.
  13. Win or lose, at the conclusion of any Gym battle you participate in, please choose to save the battle video. Then post the code on our forums so we can view the battle afterwards!
  14. IV-breeding and EV-training is allowed, but not necessarily encouraged. Just play the game in whatever way is most enjoyable for you!
  15. Hacked Pokémon are not allowed in any way. Obviously we can't really police this, so, you're on the honor system. Be cool.
  16. Our NinTemple chat nights are the best place to communicate during and coordinate for-fun battles, gym battles, and trades. They take place in our chat room every Sunday and Wednesday night at 8PM EST.
  17. Trainers can only challenge one Gym Leader once per week. If they lose, they must wait one week before a rematch or challenging a different Leader. If they win, they must wait one week before challenging a different leader. Challenges should be issued, and results reported, in the Official Gym Battles thread.
  18. Sign-ups to join should be done in the Official League Registration thread.
  19. Just focus on having fun with this. After all, it's Pokémon!!

Gym Leaders

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